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226: Accident On The Palisades

Tom Kelly podcasts from dead stop traffic on his way to the Callicoon Hills resort in Callicoon Center, New York. Topics: Why did Sylvester Stallone replace a tattoo of his wife with one of his dog? Why do people obsess about moving the car a few feet further in dead stop traffic?

Armrest Wars 2022

Comedian Tom Kelly explores several theories on airplane armrest etiquette. Several airline armrest theories are explored including the “Jim Jefferies” theory. What are the rules for the MIDDLE SEAT? What are the rules for sharing space on a place “in this new age”? Plus did you know airlines don’t owe you an armrest?

216: Ben Rosenfeld: Russian Comedian / TikTok Star

Ben Rosenfeld is a Russian born US comedian with a huge following on TikTok. How do American audiences treat Ben after finding out he is from Russia? As an immigrant, why did Ben give up a career in management to be a stand up comedian? Plus thoughts on the TikTok algorithm. Do Americans care more about Britney Griner than Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine?