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Tom Kelly is a comedian and TV personality known for his work at Good Morning America, The View, America’s Got Talent and The $100,000 Pyramid!

He is available for private gigs, charity auctions, and virtual events.



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282: Open Relationships In Kentucky with Dominic Leonelli

Dominic Leonelli is blowing up on the stand up comedy and podcast circuit. Tom calls Dom the “Buddy Hackett of Podcast Guests” because he brings his family drama, dating disasters, and insecurities to the forefront. This week, Dom talks with Tom about the New York City comedy scene, getting discovered and the time Dom hooked up with a woman in Kentucky . . . while her kids and gun toting husband were home. Yeah . . .a guest like none other. Enjoy the show.

Show NOtes:

Dom’s Tiktok: @DomofNYC Dom’s

Instagram: @dominicleonelli

Dom’s Podcast on YouTube:  @drysalamipodcast 


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