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206: Birthdays and Goodbyes

Tom Kelly grew up a little more than he wanted to on the week of his 46th birthday. Facing a new birth year and the loss of a loved one, Tom shares why he ends almost every phone call with “I Love You”. Plus he gives great advice on turning “We gotta” into “Glad We Dids”.

203: Tom Teenth

What does Tom Kelly think of the holiday Juneteenth and Juneteenth memorabilia? Tom has advice for Walmart, big companies and white people. Plus: How is Tom making the podcast more complicated? And what would you do if you found a flip phone on the floor? Tom travels to Higgins Beach, Maine in his Jeep Wrangler!

200: Don’t Screw It Up By Making It Too Important

What has Tom Kelly learned in 200 episodes of podcasting?  If we change the destination do we change the journey?  Tom announces plans for the next chunk of Tom Kelly Show podcasts, closer “destinations” and wanting less.

Through conversation, Tom hits the revelation “Don’t screw something up by making it too important.”

Instagram Model / Actress Caitlin O’Connor

Comedy Troupe In Portland: Portland Comedy Coop

Great Comedian / Comedy Booker in Portland: Anders Nielson

199: Amber Heard / Johnny Depp Trial: Is It Wrong To Enjoy It?

Is it wrong to enjoy the Amber Heard / Johnny Depp defamation trial the same way we enjoyed the OJ Simpson trial in the 1990s? Was it wrong to enjoy the OJ Simpson trial in the 1990s? Bladtcast Host Christian Bladt joins Tom Kelly for recap and analysis.

Show Notes:

Heather Jeng’s Book My Life Growing Up Asian In America Tom Kelly Pursues F Lee Bailey At Quinnipiac University Christian Bladt On Twitter: @ChristianDMZ Christian Bladt’s Bladtcast Podcast: Is Podcast And Zoom Bookings: Social: @TomKellyShow

198: Memory Hoarding With Warren

Tom’s friend Warren, a registered therapist joins the Tom Kelly Show podcast. Warren and Tom discuss high school memories at Long Island Lutheran High School. Is there such a thing as emotional hoarding? What is the 70/30 rule to life? Plus when you change the destination . . . does the journey change?

197: Leadership Kink with Mike Katz

Mike Katz is a UC Berkley professor and leadership coach who believes that the kink of BDSM is a metaphor for the work environment. He also believes you can do the most satisfying work of your life if you treat it like a kink. This show may be more edgy than our normal shows. Sensitive viewers and listeners use caution.

196: H*tler’s Tasters

Playwright Michelle Kholos Brooks shares the story about her off broadway play Hitler’s Tasters. Hitler’s Tasters is inspired by true events. Three times a day, every day, a group of young women have the opportunity to die for their country. They are Adolf Hitler’s food tasters. And what do girls discuss as they wait to see if they will live through another meal?