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No Egrets

Inspired by Casey Neistat, Tom Kelly video podcasts while biking on the Eastern Trail between Scarborough and Gorham, Maine. Tom shares a vivid nightmare and awaits results on a Covid-19 test! Plus . . . birds in the marsh.

229: The Nobody Cares Speech

6 Time Emmy Award Winning, Best Selling Author and Sirius Radio Host Janette Barber joins Tom Kelly for the BEST ADVICE his Father ever gave him. NOBODY CARES. Life isn’t fair. Nobody cares. Now what? This is the conversation to share with your children and friends mired in the depression and lack of hope that comes with the inequities of life. Do people need to hear “Nobody Cares”? What do you do after you realize “Nobody Cares”? Is this advice useful to you? Comment or email

226: Accident On The Palisades

Tom Kelly podcasts from dead stop traffic on his way to the Callicoon Hills resort in Callicoon Center, New York. Topics: Why did Sylvester Stallone replace a tattoo of his wife with one of his dog? Why do people obsess about moving the car a few feet further in dead stop traffic?