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268: George Santos Must Not Resign

He’s lied about his resume, heritage, and education.  He may have stolen money from a Veteran’s dog. Major media outlets failed to vet him.  Only one small newspaper The North Shore Leader caught onto his suspicious resume.  No one else cared. The New York media ignored George Santos.  The local New York media also ignored the New York City District Attorney campaigns of Tom Keniff versus Alvin Bragg and the recent New York State Assembly campaign of Tom Sullivan versus Stacey Pheffer Amato which was essential decided in court. Tom Kelly lists why George Santos must NOT resign and why George Santos may be the congressman that we deserve.

Show Notes: North Shore Leader Picks Up On Santos Story

269: Kim Kalish – The Funny Thing About Death

Kim Kalish is a storyteller who has appeared on the Moth, Conan and College She is performing her one woman show “The Funny Thing About Death” until January 29th.

Kim talks about breaking up and the death of her on again off again boyfriend from college. Sometimes she was too much to deal with.  Also, he had cheated on her.  One day, Kim is on a New York City subway.  She locks eyes with her ex who is on the platform.  The door closes.  They have a knowing wave and the train pulls away.  Three months later . . . Kim finds out her boyfriend died.

Kim’s show is about bereavement and living with loss.  

Yet somehow, she is funny.

With over 30 million views of her work digitally Kim also has stories that have been on television and gone viral about working in a bar, sexual fantasies and saving her dad’s life on 9/11.

Her one woman show “The Funny Thing About Death” is at the Cell Theater until January 30th.

I had her on my podcast and recorded two shows.  I recorded one delightful show about how she handles the loss of her dead ex-boyfriend and an evergreen lighthearted podcast about the storytelling scene.

Kim Kalish Instagram: Kim Kalish

Kim’s Website:

265: Gianmarco Soresi – The Upside Of The Downside

Gianmarco Soresi met in the comedy trenches. Now, Gianmarco hosts a hit podcast The Downside where he asks successful people the downside of their jobs. Also, Gianmarco is a nationally touring comedian passed at The Comedy Cellar, the Stand and other major New York clubs. Our friend Ariel Elias was working with Gianmarco when she had a beer can thrown at her at a comedy club.

264: Barbara Walters – Remembered

I’ve read some beautiful tributes to Barbara Walters, the legendary journalist who opened doors for so many behind her.  As the former warm up act at The View, what’s missing from these tributes?   

Barbara Walters was also the legendary mom like figure who in her own way wanted to be a part of the fun. She admired Whoopi, Sherri and Joy.  There were times where I thought she wanted to be more like them.

My career has a number of fairy godparents.  In 2006, Janette Barber told Rosie O’Donnell to recommend me to Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie to be the new warm up comedian at “The View”. 

Many of you at home may not know this, but in May 2007, Rosie O’Donnell left The View under rockier circumstances.

If I were Bill Geddie and Barbara Walters, I would not have kept the friend of someone who just quit.

If you want to see me tear up, watch my podcast.  I tell a longer story about how Barbara made me feel welcome to stay at The View, the day after Rosie left.

And for me, that was my relationship with Barbara.  I was awkward and shy around her if there wasn’t a crowd.  I’d go long months of being part comedian / part soldier.  Then out of nowhere, she’d say something short and nice.  Often those compliments would come on days I needed it.

She got comedy.

I tell a long story on the Tom Kelly Show podcast about how I awkwardly put my foot in my mouth with former Republican Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich.  In front of the crowd, Barbara and Sherri bailed me out.  When I went to apologize, Barbara just patted me on the shoulder and said “You’re very funny.” And walked away before I could say anything else.

Yes.  I keep talking about my podcast, episode 264 of the Tom Kelly Show. 

Because we keep missing some of the lighter lessons I’ve learned from Barbara Walters.  GET IN THE PLUG.

Barbara knew she was a legend but hated hearing it.  I loved that she used the fancy titles when guests had them.  Ambassador, Senator.  She made a kid from Brooklyn and Long Island want to be classier.  She worked as hard on her last day as she did on her first. 

I left The View about four years ago.  There are days when I miss it terribly.  Then there are days when I think I don’t miss “The View” . . . I miss that era of the show and my life.  

I was 30.  I was at the beginning of an adventure.  I got to be on TV from time to time.  That got me other work.

I went from living in a double wide trailer to performing for world leaders.  Last month, I opened for the Prince of England.  That happened because I had a View / Barrack Obama story to tell in my interview.

I worked with great people who all knew were a part of something bigger.  

I mean seriously, Barbara and Bill assembled a great team of people.  Anyone who reports on drama at The View has not spent enough time at other jobs and shows.

If you want to hear these stories . . . open up your podcast app.  Tom Kelly Show episode 264. Because yeah, Barbara used to plug her book Audition so much I can’t help but think of her when I go on one.

And to every person with whom I worked with at The View.  Thank you.  It was the beginning of an adventure.

261: Chat GPT / Artificial Intelligence Generated Podcast

Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence chat bot that writers, comedians, bloggers and producers out of business.  Following up on a New York Times article: A New Chat Bot Is a ‘Code Red’ for Google’s Search Business by Nico Grant and Cade Metz, comedian Tom Kelly uses an AI to produce today’s Tom Kelly Show.

Tom uses Chat GPT and to produce podcast close to “real time”. A few unique dating questions were prepped ahead of the show.  There were technical problems and a few boring parts edited from the podcast.

Today on the show:  AI Tips for Shorter Men dating taller women.  Tips to beat Holiday Traffic.  New closing “tag lines” for the podcast.  Can an AI

Most importantly:  Can an AI write a fart joke?

259: The Pain Of tWitch

Stephen “tWitch” Boss from the Ellen Degeneres Show died of an apparent suicide this week. Tom Kelly, a comedian in transition between TV shows and career milestones, tries to understand his pain. Is Tom Kelly making someone else’s tragic death about him? Maybe. But the pain is familiar.

257: More Than My Four Moms: Lucas Connolly

Lucas Connolly is a stand up comic who has worked with Tom for years. Tom asks Lucas about some of his story about growing up with divorced lesbian moms. In the middle of the interview, Lucas reveals his mom was featured in the Tony Award winning “The Laramie Project”. The play is about the 1998 murder of gay University of Wyoming student Matthew Shepard in Laramie, Wyoming. The murder was denounced as a hate crime and brought attention to the lack of hate crime laws in various states, including Wyoming. The awkward conversation segues into an existential conversation about the things that stories that define us and the stories we want to tell about ourselves.

Show Notes:

Lucas’s Instagram:…

Lucas’s TikTok