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344: The ROI of LOL – Clayton Fletcher

Does the work place need comedy? Clayton Fletcher is a co author of “The ROI of LOL”. Clayton teaches stand up comedy to corporate executives. He believes there are benefits to bringing humor to the workplace. Is comedy the secret to getting workers back into the office or is comedy a one way ticket to getting fired by the folks at Human resources.

– Learn the role laughter plays in the five critical elements of a strong corporate culture: Trust, Openness, Authenticity, Storytelling, and Teamwork. Understand how the skills learned by stand-up comics — like reading a room, being vulnerable or self-deprecating, listening, and overcoming objections — are critical to leaders in today’s business climate.

– See how improv fosters teamwork and can be a unifying force in any organization.

– Gain insights into how other kinds of comedy, such as sketch comedy and creative collaboration, can be applied in a business setting to build critical skill sets.

Clayton’s Instagram: Clayton Comic

Clayton’s Book:

341: Trading Showbiz For The Bike Shop

An introspective episode with an old friend Marc! Marc and Tom went to college together. Marc was a founding member of the campus TV station at Quinnipiac. In Tom’s mind, Marc gave up showbiz to pursue a simpler life of health, outdoor exercise and family. Marc has biked across the country and to this day works in a bike store instead of a TV studio. What does this old friend think about Tom’s paths taken and not taken?

340 Tony and Karin’s Wedding AAR

Is it appropriate to give a donation in lieu of a wedding gift? Tom Kelly calls his friend Karin to tell her that he is making a donation with her wedding gift. How will she handle it? PLUS some times that Tom was not welcome at weddings. Quinnipiac University’s Father Lou Scholarship Fund Click View All Programs and select Father Louis Evangelisto Scholarship Fund.…

337: Remembering Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry, the charismatic actor known for his unforgettable portrayal of Chandler Bing in the iconic television series “Friends,” has passed away at the age of 53. Before his meteoric rise to fame on the beloved sitcom, Perry showcased his exceptional talent on the small screen, captivating audiences with his wit and comedic prowess in shows like “Silver Spoons” “Growing Pains”, “Empty Nest” “Caroline in the City” and others.  

Why are we sad about his passing.  We saw ourselves in his long lived character, the sarcastic Chandler that etched his name into television history. 

Beyond his acting career, Perry dedicated significant time and effort to his work with addicts, drawing from his own struggles with substance abuse to raise awareness and provide support. His commitment to helping those battling addiction served as an inspiring testament to his compassion and resilience.  

336: Ray Gootz and the Carolines Affect

Does having a job adjacent to your dreams help you to or keep you from achieving your dreams? In 2022, headlines were made and the comedy community grieved as the world Famous Caroline’s Comedy Club closed its doors New Years Eve of 2022. The space was quickly converted into a Spin ping pong palace. Ray Gootz is a stand up comedian who not only ran a weekly show there. But he also managed the service end of the Caroline’s for 12 years. He talks about how he gave up restaurant management to pursue comedy full time. He talks about how saying the wrong words on the Keith and the Girl podcast irritated long time talent manager Louis Feranda and got him fired. Ray shares what it’s like to go back to the building that once occupied the club where his career started. He relives his experiences of what he did right and what he did wrong.

335: Date On A Plane?

Tom Kelly discusses silly topics while driving around Florida in a Mustang convertible. Should a woman go on a Cessna plane as a first date? Did Tom’s “friend” save a dog’s life at the airport? How was Tom’s Florida wedding? Rental Car tips!

334: The Emotional Reunion Wrap Up

Episode 333 was the silly look at going to a reunion. This is the serious one. After a day and a half of reuniting with friends at Quinnipiac University’s Bobcat Weekend, Tom is emotional on the drive home. Why do people go to reunions? Did Tom see anyone he wanted to see? At the end of the day, Tom thinks people go to reunions to feel like they mattered. Did he?

333: Leftover Or Unicorn

Tom Kelly attends his college reunion. He’s single. He thinks the single women at his reunion will be “left overs” while he being single is a “unicorn”. Listen to two friends and an Uber driver dispel him of that notion. Plus other fun banter on . . . . The Tom Kelly Show podcast.