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297: Writers Guild Strike

The Writer’s Guild of America has gone on strike. How does the Writer’s Strike relate to the everyday person and politics in America? Do creators deserve a fair profit share from their work if the company is making money off their work in perpetuity? How long will the strike last? And what evolutions in entertainment will result from a prolonged strike?

293: Tucker Carlson Leaves Fox

Did Tucker Carlson get fired from Fox News after his private thoughts about Donald Trump surfaced?  To be a successful broadcaster what wins?  Are Don Lemon and Tucker Carlson pundits or actors?  Authenticity or embracing the opinions that people want to hear?  Tom talks about the rise and fall of Tucker Carlson and reflects on his friend Conservative and Media personality Dave Rubin of the Rubin Report.

Fishing For Stories: Dominic Leonelli

In Ohio, you can buy a car just by knocking on a door and making an offer. Dominic Leonelli bought a car from a guy shooting heroin and then was wondering why people in town were shooting at him whenever he drove by! Plus: What’s the difference between a trailer and a pre-fabricated house? Dominic Leonelli and Tom Kelly discuss!

Show Notes:

Dom’s Tiktok: @DomofNYC

Dom’s Instagram: @dominicleonelli

Dom’s Podcast on YouTube: Dry Salami Podcast

Dating Your Sister’s Boyfriend And The Moon

Lulu and Lala are back! Marianela “Lulu” Gonzalez and Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez are a team of Twins from The Amazing Race 33 and iHeart Radio personalities on New York’s 103.5 KTU. Lulu wonders if the United States landed a man on the moon? – Lulu reveals that she is dating her twin sister Lala’s boyfriend’s brother. Should you date your sister’s potential brother in law? What are the rules for when siblings date another set of siblings?

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Lulu and Lala on Instagram:

Production Assistant Lessons

Tom is joined by his long-time friend Steve Burger to reminisce about their time working for an ambitious small production company. Tom shares with us his experience learning video editing on an IMMIX Video Cube and Stratosphere, while also honing his salary negotiation skills. Steve adds to the conversation by sharing the valuable lesson they learned together: “Whoever cashes a check last, may not be able to cash a check at all.”

Show Notes:

Steve’s Son’s “Indie Gogo” for his film

287: Trump Vs Alvis Bragg Instagram Jail and Stand Up

New York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg and the State Of New York has is going to indict Donald Trump this week on charges related to the “Stormy Daniels” hush money. Tom Kelly explains why that despite his disdain for former President Donald Trump, that these this is not the prosecutor nor is this the case that a President should face charges in. On a happier note, Tom shares some amusing clips from a rough night of stand up comedy. Plus: How did Tom wind up in Instagram jail?

286: Trolling Star Trek Picard

Paramount Plus’s final season of Star Trek: Picard is being met with rave reviews by many. But not Tom Kelly. Tom expressed some of his complaints on Twitter to Star Trek: Picard production designer Dave Blass. Instead of allowing Tom to be a simple troll, Dave Blass offered to address Tom’s critiques on the Tom Kelly Show podcast.