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252: More Than The Beer Can Comic: Ariel Elias

Ariel Elias had a beer can thrown at her while performing at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey with Gianmarco Soresi. Ariel shares how she turned what could have been a traumatic event into an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. She also discusses why she won’t return to Point Pleasant Beach and how while she want to “milk” this for all the press it’s worth, she wants to be more than the “beer can comedian.”

251: Jackie Mason The Musical

Comedian Sheba Mason’s dad is legendary stand-up comedian Jackie Mason. Sadly, she only knew him through his TV appearances, a handful of visits and child support payments. Now she is sharing her story in The Jackie Mason The Musical. Did having a famous comedian as an absent father drive Sheba into becoming a stand-up comic herself? What kept Jackie Mason from being more involved in his daughter’s life? Did Jackie Mason give Ed Sullivan the middle finger. Sheba and co-star Ian Wehrle, who plays Jackie Mason, answer those and even more personal question . . . with a shock revelation at the end! Show Notes: Jackie Mason The Musical At Carolines:

250: Make More Money And Have Great Sex! Shamina Taylor

Shamina Taylor helps women make more money and have great sex. Shamina Taylor is an Attorney turned Wealth Expert & Business Mentor. She helps high achieving women level-up in their personal lives and in their businesses by teaching them how to become the most powerful, fulfilled, wealthy, and successful version of themselves. Shamina looked like she had everything but a sense of fulfillment. She talks about the steps she took to start her path and how she helps women make more money and how that helps them have better sex!

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247: Tom’s Colonoscopy

Tom faces the ultimate “midlife crisis” moment: the colonoscopy. The recommended age for getting a colonoscopy was lowered from 50 to 45 because colorectal cancer cases are on the rise among young and middle-age people. What is the prep like? What could have been better? Get the scoop on the poop right here!