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284: Lady Journey With Katie Hannigan and Tollemache

Today on the Tom Kelly Show podcast, we interview Katie Hannigan and Sarah Tollemache, two accomplished stand-up comedians and the hosts of the charming  @ladyjourneypodcast  . In this episode, we discuss whether comedians can date other comedians, and how Katie and Sarah balance their edgy stand-up personas with their lighter podcast personalities. Katie and Sarah are in long term relatoinships with comedians Mike Vecchione and Joe List. Can Tom date another comedian or should he just date a chef? Plus, we chat about the importance of scones, croissants, crystals, and soups in integrating your pre and post-pandemic selves. Join us for a hilarious and insightful conversation with two of the funniest comedians around. Don’t miss this episode of The Tom Kelly Show.

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282: Open Relationships In Kentucky with Dominic Leonelli

Dominic Leonelli is blowing up on the stand up comedy and podcast circuit. Tom calls Dom the “Buddy Hackett of Podcast Guests” because he brings his family drama, dating disasters, and insecurities to the forefront. This week, Dom talks with Tom about the New York City comedy scene, getting discovered and the time Dom hooked up with a woman in Kentucky . . . while her kids and gun toting husband were home. Yeah . . .a guest like none other. Enjoy the show.

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Instagram: @dominicleonelli

Dom’s Podcast on YouTube:  @drysalamipodcast 

281: Chat GPT Radio and AIs Stealing Your Jobs

Steve Burger has been a professional Computer Graphic Imagery Artist since the industry emerged in the 1990s.  Steve has adapted to every technological leap since.  Is AI going to mark the end of his industry.  Is AI going to elevate or kill the CG artist?

Tom Kelly, a stand up comedian who writes and produces for radio shows has been obsessed with whether or not AI is about destroy his career since first discovering Chat GPT a few weeks ago.  Tom has been using Chat GPT as a tool to help produce podcast with major successes and failures.  Tom also discovered Chat GPT Radio and thinks the concept could destroy small market locally produced radio once and for all.  Can radio stations hire “Bots” as DJs to read and digest local news and entertain local markets?

Listen to some real time audio experiments that will make you wonder are the AIs coming for our jobs sooner or later?

Is Radio GPT about to revolutionize and destroy the radio industry?

Can an AI answer a question like Kim Kardashian?  Artists are suing Dalle AI for impersonating their styles.

Show Notes:

Steve’s Son’s “Indie Gogo” for his film

279: Series Of Unfortunate Men with Kerry Schwartz

Kerry Schwartz worked with comedian Tom Kelly at America’s Got Talent. Kerry is smart and gorgeous. On the surface she has it all going on. In her memoir “A Series Of Unfortunate Men”, Kerry shares a darker personal story. She dealt with abandonment, depression and a “Series Of Unfortunate Men” including a TV Chef, A Pro Athlete, A Rap Artist, A Reality TV Star and a couple of alleged mobsters.

Kerry dishes serious and fun blind item dirt about her exes including on TV personality who farted during intimate moments. Tom challenges Kerry with the question “Should we feel bad for beautiful women who make bad choices in romantic partners?” Plus a happy ending!

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Kerry’s Instagram: @ComfyWithKerry

Kerry’s TikTok: @Comfywith_kerry

Kerry’s Book: A Series Of Unfortunate Men

277: Breast Implant Illness with LuLu and Lala

Lulu and Lala are back! Marianela “Lulu” Gonzalez and Marissa “Lala” Gonzalez are a team of Twins from The Amazing Race 33 and iHeart Radio personalities on New York’s 103.5 KTU. Lala has been open about her recent struggles with “Breast Implant Illness”. Breast implant illness (BII) is a collection of symptoms that occur in people with breast implants. While there isn’t an official medical diagnosis for BII. After experiencing many of symptoms associated with BII, including fatigue, joint pain, brain fog, and autoimmune-like symptoms, Lala had her implants removed. She is now an “explant”. Lulu and Lala have stopped by the Tom Kelly Show to generate awareness about how having her breast implants removed has lead to an improvement in Lala’s health.

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FDA Info on Breast Implant Illness

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