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328: Dewanna Bonner, Content Warning And Sponsors

Should Tom Kelly stop saying “Trigger Warning” in favor of “Content Warning”. Plus . . . Dewanna Bonner is a star in the WNBA. Tom loves saying her name with his Long Island accent. Tom shares a “comedy malfunction” when he asks regular New Yorkers to say her name.

And biggest news! – The Tom Kelly Show is sponsored by SalPino Food Market of Bellmore –

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326: Is Comedy Cure For Mental Illness Or The Cause?

Ryan Zeitz is a stand-up comedian and bipolar mental health advocate based out of Toronto, Ontario.  He leads standup comedy classes for people struggling with depression.  As a professional comedian Tom Kelly questions the value of such classes as Ryan and Tom discuss whether performing stand up is the cause of depression or the cure.

This is a walk and talk episode filmed with some new toys.

Audio: DJI Mic

Video: iPhone 13 Pro Max with Osmo 6 Selfie Stick Gimbel.

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Tom Kelly | Funny or Mean? | SPEAK: Laughter

In this humorous SPEAK talk, comedian Tom Kelly recounts an incredible story from his days as a warm-up comic for “The View” that begs the question, are you being funny or being mean? This talk is extremely topical for what is going on in the comedy and entertainment worlds and it really gets to the heart of the matter in a genuine and humorous way.

325: Nicole Eggert – Baywatch, Charles In Charge, Mom

We dive into the fascinating journey of her career — from her very first gig in a Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo commercial to becoming a household name on two seasons on Baywatch. Nicole opens up about why she walked away from acting, including her adventure as an ice cream truck owner and how embracing motherhood has redefined her priorities and perspective. We also explore her new documentary that takes a nostalgic look back at ‘Baywatch,’ and like many of us, including host Tom Kelly, Nicole shares her thoughts on navigating what comes next in life.

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Nicole Eggert’s Podcast: Perfectly Twisted on YouTube

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324: Al Martin: How I Created a Comedy Empire in 30 Short Years324:

Al Martin is the owner of the Broadway Comedy Club and once owned the New York Comedy Club in New York City. Al’s comedy empire rose from the ashes of having his polygraph business destroyed by Federal legislation in the 1990s. Al discusses his new one man show at the Broadway Comedy Club this Saturday September 9th and how adversity lead to his successes. – Plus: Al gives advice for people reinventing their lives, comedians just starting out and of course . . . Tom Kelly.