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277: Don Lemon / Nikki Haley – Past Her Prime

Tom Kelly explores Don Lemon’s remark on CNN about whether or not former South Carolina governor and US Ambassador Nikki Haley is past her prime at the age of 51. Is the remark sexist? Or was Lemon simply expressing an unspoken double standard in this country? Do only “beautiful” people succeed in politics and on television? – Tom also explores why Jim Dolan of WABC is his favorite local TV reporter and whether or not Nikki Haley’s initial comments about whether or not Joe Biden should take a mental competency test are agist or just plain stupid?

276: Sperm Donor Babies and Fertility Law With Laura High

“Join Laura High on her journey as a comedian, actress, and sperm donor baby as she uses humor to shed light on the unregulated fertility rights industry. Discover how Laura has tracked down her genetic relatives using genealogy websites and her advocacy for HR 451, the fertility fraud legislation. Learn about her personal battle with a brain tumor and her fight for medical history access for donor-conceived children. Watch now to support the effort to make it federally illegal for doctors to switch sperm or egg donor DNA.”

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The Relationship Escalator

Today we’ll be discussing the concept of the “Relationship Escalator” that Tom Kelly has recently learned. This term refers to a set of social scripts or customs that dictate how people should behave and feel in certain contexts or situations. While these customs may benefit many people, they don’t always apply to everyone. Being “off the relationship escalator” means living a life where these steps may not apply to you. We’ll delve into this fascinating concept and explore how it challenges traditional notions of relationships and societal expectations. On a different note, have you ever heard of prosopagnosia? It’s a neurological disorder also known as face blindness, where the individual is unable to recognize faces. We’ll discuss whether Tom may have this condition or if his behavior is due to feeling overwhelmed and self-absorbed. So, sit back, relax and join us as we explore these intriguing topics and challenge our perceptions of social norms and relationships.

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273: Scar Talk – Ophira Eisenberg

Join award-winning Moth storyteller and host of NPR’s Ask Me Another, Ophira Eisenberg, as she explores the impact of life experiences in her new one-woman show “Leaving A Mark: A Comedy About Scars.” Ophira shares personal stories that have left their mark on her and raises thought-provoking questions about how we handle the moments that scar us. Through laughter and introspection, “Leaving A Mark” asks if scars ever really go away and if we are obliged to explain them. Don’t miss this poignant and humorous journey through the marks that shape our lives.

270: Shanna Christmas: Nothing But A B* With A Wig On

“Comedian Shanna Christmas discusses her background as an Occupational Therapist and her comedic book, “Nothing But A Bitch With A Wig On,” which addresses racism in healthcare. Standing at 6’3″, she shares her experience playing college volleyball and why she opted for it over basketball. Shanna also shares her thoughts on Tom Kelly’s height and why he can’t be considered a “short king”. Get ready to laugh and learn with Shanna Christmas.”

268: George Santos Must Not Resign

He’s lied about his resume, heritage, and education.  He may have stolen money from a Veteran’s dog. Major media outlets failed to vet him.  Only one small newspaper The North Shore Leader caught onto his suspicious resume.  No one else cared. The New York media ignored George Santos.  The local New York media also ignored the New York City District Attorney campaigns of Tom Keniff versus Alvin Bragg and the recent New York State Assembly campaign of Tom Sullivan versus Stacey Pheffer Amato which was essential decided in court. Tom Kelly lists why George Santos must NOT resign and why George Santos may be the congressman that we deserve.

Show Notes: North Shore Leader Picks Up On Santos Story