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194: LA Wrap Up With Andrea Fasano

Andrea Fasano of AfterBuzz TV joins Tom Kelly to discuss the more colorful aspects of his trip to Los Angeles. Tom gets invited to a Comedy Festival in LA. Plus what was it like to travel and work at the $100,000 Pyramid while in Los Angeles. Andrea and Tom share stories.

193: Branding Yourself In The Delta Skylounge

While waiting in the new Delta Skylounge at LAX, Tom meets Thaddaeus Washington founder of Touchdown Company which specializes in branding. The two discuss the value of branding and Tom tries Thad’s new Osmo Pocket 2 camera. What do you think of the sound and video quality compared to yesterday’s show?

Thadd’s Instagram: ThaddsWorld

Camera Tom and Thadd used to record: Osmo Pocket 2…

192: Elijah or Isaiah

Tom tours a historic television studio lot and wanders into Isaiah a 22 year old social media producer. Is Tom at the age where younger people just accept that he’s senile? What podcasts are the kids listening to now a days? Isaiah closes the podcast with some good life advice.