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331: Heart Attack At The Comedy Show

After a month of promotion, a man had a heart attack during Tom’s show at Governor’s Comedy Club sells out. See actual behind the scenes footage of the moment, the response, and how we transitioned back to fun once the man turned out to be ok. Video users: This is the highest production values I’ve ever had on a podcast

Show Notes:

Farmingdale Teacher Gina Pellettiere / Joseph Pellettiere Fundraiser

Johnny Mac Emcee’s Instagram: heresjohnnymac

310: A Page In History

David Harris Katz interviews Tom Kelly on his podcast “A Page in History” a podcast that follows television industry professionals who were in the NBC Page Program.

Hear stories about how:

Tom Kelly walked Tom Selleck out of the building after his awkward appearance on the Rosie O’Donnell Show.

How Chevy Chase tried to make disgruntled audience members feel better after Saturday Night Live was overbooked.

A story about Conan O’Brien and banannas.

And pontifications on whether or not television is historic and what makes something “history”.

Show Notes:

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Accused Gilgo Serial Killer In Massapequa

On today’s intense episode of The Tom Kelly Show, we delve deep into the grim story of Rex Heuermann, the alleged Gilgo Beach serial killer, recently arrested and shockingly hailing from Tom’s very own hometown of Massapequa, New York.

Join comedian and Massapequa native Tom Kelly as he navigates the unsettling landscape of his childhood home, transformed into a chilling crime scene. With his intimate familiarity of Gilgo Beach, Tom not only gives us an insider’s look at the haunting setting but also explores the profound shock and disbelief shaking the tight-knit community of Massapequa.

In this episode, Tom visits the neighborhood where 59-year-old Heuermann, a seemingly ordinary architect, husband, and father of two, lived a secret double life. We also journey to the eerie landscapes of Gilgo Beach, painted in a new, darker light as we uncover why it served as an effective location to conceal Heuermann’s horrifying crimes.

Rex Heuermann, now confined behind the cold bars of a prison cell, stands accused of first-degree murder of Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman, and Amber Costello. His connection to these heinous acts? DNA found on a simple piece of discarded pizza crust and a single hair, along with his ominous activities with burner phones.

299: CPAP Machines and Paradoxical Commandments

Is Tom’s Resmed CPAP Machine killing him? To deal with his sleep apnea, Tom Kelly has gotten a CPAP machine complete with a full face mask. How is Tom dealing with things like drooling quite a bit when he sleeps? Is his sleep pattern improving? Plus: Are towns with lots of small dogs better than towns with big dogs? Also: Tom has learned about the Paradoxical Commandments. They are paradoxical but worth learning from.

284: Lady Journey With Katie Hannigan and Tollemache

Today on the Tom Kelly Show podcast, we interview Katie Hannigan and Sarah Tollemache, two accomplished stand-up comedians and the hosts of the charming  @ladyjourneypodcast  . In this episode, we discuss whether comedians can date other comedians, and how Katie and Sarah balance their edgy stand-up personas with their lighter podcast personalities. Katie and Sarah are in long term relatoinships with comedians Mike Vecchione and Joe List. Can Tom date another comedian or should he just date a chef? Plus, we chat about the importance of scones, croissants, crystals, and soups in integrating your pre and post-pandemic selves. Join us for a hilarious and insightful conversation with two of the funniest comedians around. Don’t miss this episode of The Tom Kelly Show.

Show Notes: Lady Journey Podcast:  @ladyjourneypodcast 

Sarah’s Instagram:

Katie’s Instagram:

The Relationship Escalator

Today we’ll be discussing the concept of the “Relationship Escalator” that Tom Kelly has recently learned. This term refers to a set of social scripts or customs that dictate how people should behave and feel in certain contexts or situations. While these customs may benefit many people, they don’t always apply to everyone. Being “off the relationship escalator” means living a life where these steps may not apply to you. We’ll delve into this fascinating concept and explore how it challenges traditional notions of relationships and societal expectations. On a different note, have you ever heard of prosopagnosia? It’s a neurological disorder also known as face blindness, where the individual is unable to recognize faces. We’ll discuss whether Tom may have this condition or if his behavior is due to feeling overwhelmed and self-absorbed. So, sit back, relax and join us as we explore these intriguing topics and challenge our perceptions of social norms and relationships.

Show Notes:

Etsy Store With Facial Blind Products

270: Shanna Christmas: Nothing But A B* With A Wig On

“Comedian Shanna Christmas discusses her background as an Occupational Therapist and her comedic book, “Nothing But A Bitch With A Wig On,” which addresses racism in healthcare. Standing at 6’3″, she shares her experience playing college volleyball and why she opted for it over basketball. Shanna also shares her thoughts on Tom Kelly’s height and why he can’t be considered a “short king”. Get ready to laugh and learn with Shanna Christmas.”

250: Make More Money And Have Great Sex! Shamina Taylor

Shamina Taylor helps women make more money and have great sex. Shamina Taylor is an Attorney turned Wealth Expert & Business Mentor. She helps high achieving women level-up in their personal lives and in their businesses by teaching them how to become the most powerful, fulfilled, wealthy, and successful version of themselves. Shamina looked like she had everything but a sense of fulfillment. She talks about the steps she took to start her path and how she helps women make more money and how that helps them have better sex!

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