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Filled Diddy’s Pool With Jello

I met a woman who was a professional concierge for celebrities. Most of her stories, she can’t tell because she has signed Non-Disclosure Agreements. But she had one nice story about filling P Diddy’s pool with Jello. You would think he asked for it for sexual reasons. No. One of his kids asked for it for a birthday party. So he did it on a whim. The Jello was prepared in Rubber Maid tubs. The pool was filled 3/4s of the way with Jello and then topped with pool floaties. The pool’s drains were protected. Afterwards, $3,000 of powerwashing was needed to clean the pool. No one ate the Jello. I did not ask if anyone swam in it.

Free Britney Spears

Special 5 Minute Episode: Tom Kelly and Loren Raye discuss Framing Britney Spears and whether or not it is time to “Free Britney Spears”! Is it time to end Jamie Spears’ conservatorship of Britney Spears? What is going on with Kevin Federline?

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