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281: Chat GPT Radio and AIs Stealing Your Jobs

Steve Burger has been a professional Computer Graphic Imagery Artist since the industry emerged in the 1990s.  Steve has adapted to every technological leap since.  Is AI going to mark the end of his industry.  Is AI going to elevate or kill the CG artist?

Tom Kelly, a stand up comedian who writes and produces for radio shows has been obsessed with whether or not AI is about destroy his career since first discovering Chat GPT a few weeks ago.  Tom has been using Chat GPT as a tool to help produce podcast with major successes and failures.  Tom also discovered Chat GPT Radio and thinks the concept could destroy small market locally produced radio once and for all.  Can radio stations hire “Bots” as DJs to read and digest local news and entertain local markets?

Listen to some real time audio experiments that will make you wonder are the AIs coming for our jobs sooner or later?

Is Radio GPT about to revolutionize and destroy the radio industry?

Can an AI answer a question like Kim Kardashian?  Artists are suing Dalle AI for impersonating their styles.

Show Notes:

Steve’s Son’s “Indie Gogo” for his film

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