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279: Series Of Unfortunate Men with Kerry Schwartz

Kerry Schwartz worked with comedian Tom Kelly at America’s Got Talent. Kerry is smart and gorgeous. On the surface she has it all going on. In her memoir “A Series Of Unfortunate Men”, Kerry shares a darker personal story. She dealt with abandonment, depression and a “Series Of Unfortunate Men” including a TV Chef, A Pro Athlete, A Rap Artist, A Reality TV Star and a couple of alleged mobsters.

Kerry dishes serious and fun blind item dirt about her exes including on TV personality who farted during intimate moments. Tom challenges Kerry with the question “Should we feel bad for beautiful women who make bad choices in romantic partners?” Plus a happy ending!

Show Notes:

Kerry’s Instagram: @ComfyWithKerry

Kerry’s TikTok: @Comfywith_kerry

Kerry’s Book: A Series Of Unfortunate Men

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