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337: Remembering Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry, the charismatic actor known for his unforgettable portrayal of Chandler Bing in the iconic television series “Friends,” has passed away at the age of 53. Before his meteoric rise to fame on the beloved sitcom, Perry showcased his exceptional talent on the small screen, captivating audiences with his wit and comedic prowess in shows like “Silver Spoons” “Growing Pains”, “Empty Nest” “Caroline in the City” and others.  

Why are we sad about his passing.  We saw ourselves in his long lived character, the sarcastic Chandler that etched his name into television history. 

Beyond his acting career, Perry dedicated significant time and effort to his work with addicts, drawing from his own struggles with substance abuse to raise awareness and provide support. His commitment to helping those battling addiction served as an inspiring testament to his compassion and resilience.  

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