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Vanna White On Strike?

Vanna White, the longtime co-host of Wheel of Fortune, has been in the news recently for “lawyering up” and seeking a raise from the show. This comes after her co-host, Pat Sajak, announced his retirement and Ryan Seacrest has been named as his replacement. White has been with Wheel of Fortune since 1982, and she’s helped to make the show a household name. But over the years, her salary hasn’t kept up with the show’s popularity. According to reports, White is currently making around $3 million a year, while Sajak is reportedly making around $15 million a year.

Tom Kelly is joined by 6 time emmy award winning Rosie O’Donnell producer and writer Janette Barber as they ask: What is Vanna White’s future? Will she be replaced when Pat Sajack retires? Does Wheel of Fortune need a prize model? Are prize models as a career . . . dated?

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