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269: Kim Kalish – The Funny Thing About Death

Kim Kalish is a storyteller who has appeared on the Moth, Conan and College She is performing her one woman show “The Funny Thing About Death” until January 29th.

Kim talks about breaking up and the death of her on again off again boyfriend from college. Sometimes she was too much to deal with.  Also, he had cheated on her.  One day, Kim is on a New York City subway.  She locks eyes with her ex who is on the platform.  The door closes.  They have a knowing wave and the train pulls away.  Three months later . . . Kim finds out her boyfriend died.

Kim’s show is about bereavement and living with loss.  

Yet somehow, she is funny.

With over 30 million views of her work digitally Kim also has stories that have been on television and gone viral about working in a bar, sexual fantasies and saving her dad’s life on 9/11.

Her one woman show “The Funny Thing About Death” is at the Cell Theater until January 30th.

I had her on my podcast and recorded two shows.  I recorded one delightful show about how she handles the loss of her dead ex-boyfriend and an evergreen lighthearted podcast about the storytelling scene.

Kim Kalish Instagram: Kim Kalish

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